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 Paris Hilton for president?

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PostSubject: Paris Hilton for president?   Fri Aug 08, 2008 1:00 pm

Paris Hilton mocks McCain in spoof ad

She’s blonde, she’s hot and she wants your vote: Paris Hilton for president?
The American hotel heiress has thrown her bikini into the presidential campaign with a video in which she declares she's "like, totally ready to lead."
In the clip, posted on the website, Ms Hilton reclines on a poolside sun lounge dressed in a barely-there leopard print bathing suit and gold stilettos, and promises that, if elected, she will paint the White House pink.
The video is a spoof of John McCain's 'celebrity' advertisement released last week in which the Republican candidate compared Barack Obama's popularity with that of Ms Hilton and claimed the Democrat was no more than a celebrity candidate who was not ready to lead the nation.
In Ms Hilton's version of the advertisement, she tells electors: "Hey America, I'm Paris Hilton and I'm a celebrity too. Only I'm not from the olden days and I'm not promising change like that other guy. I'm just hot!”
Between flipping pages of a travel magazine, the 27-year-old socialite adds: "But then that wrinkly white-haired guy used me in his campaign ad, which I guess means I'm running for president. So thanks for the endorsement white-haired dude, and I want America to know I'm, like, totally ready to lead."
Ms Hilton then offers a bumbling alternative US energy strategy, suggesting that she plans to combine elements from Mr McCain and Democratic rival Mr Obama's policy platforms.
"We can do limited offshore drilling with strict environmental oversight while creating tax incentives to get Detroit making hybrid and electric cars. ... Energy crisis solved, I'll see you at the debates, bitches!"
Ms Hilton then signs off the ad by declaring that she is considering pop singer Rihanna as her vice-presidential running mate.
"I'll see you at the White House," Ms Hilton says. "Oh, and I might paint it pink. Bye.”
In just four hours since the spoof video was broadcast on the website, it had already been viewed by almost 600,000 people. contributors Adam McKay and Chris Henchy pitched the idea of the video to Ms Hilton after the McCain ads were debated around the world.
"She got it that the McCain thing was a low blow," McKay told AFP. "And she felt she didn't want to return it with angry fire, and that this was the best way to respond. It's a playful jab."
Mr Henchy and Mr McKay both believe Ms Hilton is more intelligent than her tabloid persona lets on.
"She's a lot smarter than people give her credit for," Mr Henchy said.
McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds said Ms Hilton appears to support his candidate's energy solution.
“Paris Hilton might not be as big a celebrity as Barack Obama, but she obviously has a better energy plan,” Mr Bounds said.
This week Ms Hilton's mother Kathy, who with her husband donated $4,600 to McCain's campaign earlier in the year, said the McCain 'celebrity' ad is: “a complete waste of the country's time and attention at the very moment when millions of people are losing their homes and their jobs”.
Ms Hilton is the great-grand daughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of the eponymous hotel chain.
She came to fame in 2003 when an ex-boyfriend leaked a sex tape onto the internet and has since starred in critically panned films, released an album and made millions from merchandise including a perfume range.
A perennial favourite of the paparazzi, Hilton was jailed last year for 23 days for violating probation over an alcohol-related reckless driving conviction. Her arrest, imprisonment and subsequent release made headlines around the world.
Upon her release the world’s most famous socialite turned to religion, vowed to change her ways and “leave a mark on the world”. This week she is in Denmark promoting her latest handbag range, aptly named ‘Confidence’.
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PostSubject: Re: Paris Hilton for president?   Fri Aug 08, 2008 1:03 pm

She would do a better job than King George.
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PostSubject: Re: Paris Hilton for president?   Fri Aug 08, 2008 5:36 pm

Ron Paul could do an even better job. Maybe if he had been hot and blonde he would have gotten the nomination. scratch
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PostSubject: Re: Paris Hilton for president?   

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Paris Hilton for president?
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