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 Anyone Watched W.?

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PostSubject: Anyone Watched W.?   Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:57 pm

I finally got to watch the movie W. Not sure what I think of the thing, but it shows just how Cheney ran Bush. And what a moron Bush and his family were. I can't believe anyone would have voted for this man. It would be like voting for Pissy Pete for Mayor. But Pissy Pete is smarter. lol!

It's worth a look, I think they made Rice look like the mindless bitch that she was. The basic theme is how GW made the Bush name a laughing stock. The sad part is we are still in Iraq, and troops are still being killed. And it was to control the middle east and it's oil. That was made clear in the movie. But we all knew that anyway.
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Anyone Watched W.?
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