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 twlight vs house of night books

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PostSubject: twlight vs house of night books   Mon Nov 02, 2009 1:59 am

I read all 4 books about the Twilight saga. The books are for younger people I would say from 16 - ? I would let my teenager read these books they are clean and talk nothing about sex, drugs, or drinking. My sister in law called me this weekend and said that her niece has a couple books that are like the Twilight books, so I was all for her bringing home the books for me to read.. I sat down tonight to start reading the first book, I could not believe what I was reading. the first chapter talked about this 'tracker' vampire (oh vampire was not even spelled right in the book it was vampyre) finds this girl and tells her that 'today is the birth of your death'. Then her friend is scared of her. and pretty much finds a way to get away from the 'marked' girl. There is a half moon on this girls forhead. she goes to the bathroom to wait for the other kids to leave and starts walking out to her car when her 'boyfriend/ but not boyfriend' shows up. Then night before he drank 6 beers and had 3 shots, and he cheat on her. When he see the mark his friends whom he is standing in the back of his truck take off and the 'boyfriend' falls out of the bed of the truck and skins up his hand, where the girl finds his blood smells good. They used the f word in this book within the first two chapters, and on the 3 chapter she turns to her mom for help and her mom freaks out and calls that the girl calls 'step-loser' he starts calling this girl santan

this book is so wrong in many ways and I would NOT let my teenage girl read this book! it's CRAP
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twlight vs house of night books
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